Starting a Claim

We understand that you pay for insurance to have it respond to your loss as quickly as possible, we want that for you too. Our relationship depends on the timely, friendly, and helpful services we can provide and claims are at the top of the list. We promise to do all we can in every step of the claims process.

From 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday we welcome you to call us in Battle Creek at 269-223-7058 or Mendon at 269-496-2445 so that we can have an initial conversation with you. We'll get some basic information from you, discuss next steps, options, and forward the information to your insurance company to set up your claim. By having that first discussion with you we can help list coverages, deductibles, and local contractors (auto glass shops, water restoration, tree removal, construction companies) to begin the process.

If you have a complete emergency after normal business hours or over a holiday you can certainly contact the insurance company we have you with through their respective website as they all have an Emergency Claims number.

Online Bill Pay

Progressive Insurance - Insurance for your car, motorcycle, boat, or commercial auto along with competitive rates, advice from your local, dependable independent insurance agent, and superior claims service. Drive Insurance from Progressive is one of the leading companies in America.

Hastings Mutual Insurance - For well over 100 years, Hastings Mutual Insurance Company has built an outstanding reputation based on quality customer service and needed insurance products, backed by sound company finances. We are indeed proud of our past and look forward to a progressive future of serving you!

Auto-Owners Insurance - Since 1916 Auto-Owners Insurance has helped people with their insurance needs. We are dedicated to the independent agency system, offering our products through over 6,000 independent agencies in 25 states. Auto-Owners products are brought to you through caring, knowledgeable professionals, who live and work right in your community. 

Hagerty -  It's all about passion. We have grown to be the global leader for collector car and boat insurance, but we're still just a family business built on a love for the hobby. Our passion drives us to keep improving our product and to give our clients the best service imaginable.

Badger Mutual Insurance is dedicated to providing its policyholders with security and protection. In 1871, the year of the great Chicago fire, many insurance companies were forced to close because of heavy losses, forcing the remaining companies to be more strict about the risk they accepted. The ensuing restrictions and high rates prompted the formation of our company.


Diversified Agrisurance - Diversified Agrisurance is the largest insurer of mechanized irrigation equipment in the nation, with over 40 years of experience. Our policy covers most direct physical losses to covered property. Unlike most of our competitors, our policies do not depreciate the value of your equipment in the event of a loss. We pay the full cost to repair or replace, whichever is less, up to the coverage amount shown on the policy. Claims are handled quickly and fairly by our knowledgeable staff.

Wolverine Mutual Insurance - Wolverine Mutual Insurance Company has provided this outstanding insurance coverage and exceptional claims service since 1917. Now more than 45,000 policyholders in Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin know they’ll hear “it’s protected” when the things they value are damaged or lost.

Safeco - Protecting What Matters Since 1923, Safeco® is known for helping people protect the lives they’ve built, but they’re also known for nurturing community involvement. We also want to be known as your insurance company. Let’s protect the life you’ve built, together.